Earthscape Maps was started in 2018 by ecologists Marie Klein and Grey Monroe. 

The story begins with our own research using data of plant life around the world detected from space by satellites. After exploring different ways to map and visualize this data we fell in love with the beautiful "Earthscapes" we had discovered. We shared the maps online and soon had requests for printed versions. Once we found a local printer who specialized in fine art printing, we started designing and creating these maps for friends and colleagues. 

We found that there is something special about experiencing these maps in person. Every time we shared these maps with someone we observed a similar response - the map draws people in, a new detail is discovered, and we are left with a new perspective of our world.  By highlighting natural beauty instead of national borders, this map reminds us that Earth is our common home and inspires us to cherish what makes it so spectacular.

We create these maps out of a passion for our planet. As ecologists we know that conserving natural places is the most important way to protect species, ecosystems, and the beauty of Earth. This is why donate a portion of all sales to The Nature Conservancy which is working to save threatened habitat around the globe. Learn more here: 

Nature Conservancy.

Creating products sustainably is why we choose to print these maps on the only museum grade fine art paper made from eco-friendly bamboo. Sustainably produced, this paper has a smaller environmental footprint and a beautiful natural texture.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our story. We hope you will join us on our mission to inspire the world through the beauty of life on Earth.

About the creators

Marie Klein
Marie studied Agricultural Ecology and earned a Master's in Science degree from the University of Bonn in Germany. She loves exploring nature around the world and became passionate about developing sustainable products while working in West Africa and the Philippines.
Grey Monroe 
Grey earned his PhD in Ecology from Colorado State University in the US. He loves discovering data that provide a new perspective of the world.